Smart people get sick less

Smart people get sick lessScientists at Harvard University, analyzed data from 30 years of research, came to an unexpected conclusion - the higher a person factor of intellectual development (IQ), the less he will be susceptible to disease in adulthood. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. Scientists studied the development of 633 children aged 7 years living in the city of Providence (Rhode island). 30 years later the same people again passed the examination. It was found that those who in childhood differed sharp mind adults are healthier than their less intelligent peers. The most common diseases, which are not very smart people - diabetes, asthma, cancer, cardiovascular problems, arthritis and stroke. The researchers conducted a series of experiments, neutralizing indicators such as low weight at birth, which, as known,has a negative effect on mental development, as well as the causes of socio-economic nature, but the inputs have remained the same. These results, according to scientists can be explained by the fact that people are more intelligent are more likely to maintain a healthy lifestyle, less are putting your health at risk and use of health services. Dr. Cynthia McCoy from the University of Glasgow, commented on the results of the study as follows: "it is Very logical that more intelligent children will take high-paying jobs that will allow them to have good medical insurance. With it people can monitor their health more closely, and to detect disease at early stages. In addition, disabled people are prone to stress on this soil, which also leads to negative habits - Smoking, drug use and consumption of fatty foods". РњIGnews.

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