Sleepwalking is also inherited

Sleepwalking is also inheritedSleepwalking is also inherited It turns out that sleepwalking can also be considered a disease that is inherited. So, Swiss scientists have discovered a gene that is common in people suffering from sleepwalking, several times more than the average in the population. As demonstrated by scientists, people suffering from sleepwalking, in the genome often there is a special form of one of the genes of the major histocompatibility (HLA), called HLA-DQB1. Thus, of the 60 surveyed experts sick this gene was present in 15, while from 60 healthy people native speakers were only 6 people. Of course, to talk about any pathogenetic link between HLA-DQB1 and sleepwalking while hard - human leukocyte antigen or histocompatibility antigens involved in too many physiological and pathological processes. However, it is not excluded that in the near future it will be used in the diagnosis of this disease as a genetic marker. Source: Meductic.

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