DandruffDandruff is a very common problem that affects one in three women. The scalp is inherent to produce new cells and discard dead skin flakes, which can be quite noticeable. They are easily separated from the skin and in abundance "adorn" is not only the hair, but the clothes that actually delivers when dandruff is the main disadvantage. Causes of dandruff Many people believe that dandruff disease, but this is only a symptom of the disease, called in medicine seborrheic dermatitis - disorders of the sebaceous glands, which in turn means increased sebum or qualitative change. Dandruff, and seborrhea, is different. If you have dry scalp, flakes of dry, white-gray color and good exfoliating. With the increased the excretion of fat flakes have a greasy appearance, yellowish and separated from the skin much more difficult. In this case we are talking about oily fat or so-called stearic dandruff. The second part of the cause of dandruff is the activity of microscopic fungus called Malassezia Furtur (otherwise Pityrosporum Ovale). According to doctors, this microorganism lives on the skin and scalp of a person permanently and can not bring any harm. It seborrhea, i.e. violation of the sebaceous glands, creates favorable conditions for the propagation of parasitic fungus that is feeding on the skin fat, and leads to the appearance of small flakes of dandruff. The causes of the disease seborrhea, and hence of dandruff, a lot. It and internal imbalances in the body: endocrine, nervous, immune, infectious diseases, genetic predisposition, food allergies, poor nutrition, lack of vitamins, stress and fatigue. External adverse effects, such as pollution, poor hair care, abuse varnish, gels, hair dye and even the cold winter weather also contribute to the appearance of this problem. Treatment From the above it is clear how easy it is to get dandruff and how vast and powerful base of its invincibility. But despair still not worth it. Recently there were drugs that can withstand dandruff. This is mainly shampoos and lotions that contain active ingredients: substances against seborrhea (reduce sebum, facilitate the separation of scales) and antifungal components. The main of them: Zinc Pynthione (zinc pyrithione), Ketoconozole, Selenium Sulphide (selenium sulfide) providing an antimicrobial effect against Malassezia; Coal Tar (tar) and again Selenium Sulphide suppress the activity of the cells that produce sebum, thereby slowing the emergence of surpluses; tar, also detaches dead skin cells, which form dandruff, for the same serve as Salicylic Acid (salicylic acid) and Sulfur (sulphur). In the complex treatment as an additional anti-dandruff you can use various tinctures, lotions, mouthwashes, containing aloe and tea tree oil. For oily dandruff good effect is produced by the rubbing of the scalp with fresh onions, which removes dead cells of the epidermis, because it is rich in sulfur. Diet is an important element in combating dandruff. Eat more foods rich in b vitamins, especially vitamin B6, as well as containing medicines. Limit consumption of sugar and animal fats. Sometimes food allergens provoke the appearance of dandruff. In addition to individually unbearable products, to refrain from eating chocolate, nuts, certain seafood (e.g., shellfish). And of course, as a preventive measure is to use an individual combs, brushes, hats, through which may be passed the ill-fated fungus. Unfortunately, treatment of dandruff is quite long, and wait for effect before 1-2 months is not worth it. Folk medicine against dandruff Take half a Cup of oak bark (sold in pharmacies), and as many onion skins, fill it with 1 liter of boiling water and cook 1 hour on low heat. Strained broth to moisten the head and wrap your hair with cellophane polotence. After two hours, wash with warm water. Two or three tablespoons chopped burdock pour half a Cup of boiling water, put on low heat and boil to evaporate half of the volume. Then strain and add 5 cholovichok melted fat. Put the mixture in a water bath or in the oven H2-3 hours. After cooling water should be drained. The resulting ointment is well pomogaet dandruff. RUB it into the scalp 1-2 times a week. Dandruff can be cured by rubbing 1-2 times a week in the roots of the hair fresh onion juice (2-3 solovyevski). The head then must be wrapped in a towel, and caresses wash with shampoo. With a strong dandruff is recommended to mix the onion juice with an equal amount of kerosene and vodka. The mixture is rubbed daily,then wash your head with water and shampoo. In the fight against dandruff, you can use a water decoction of leaves mother and stepmother. 0.5 liters of water should take 2-3 solovyevski crushed dry leaves. The water pounded leaves agriauto water bath for 30 minutes. The solution can be rubbed into the scalp 2-3 times a week or rinse them hair after washing. For oily dandruff calming tincture of calendula blossoms on the vodka: a tablespoon of dry izmelchennostju pour a glass of vodka and infuse for 10 days. Tincture of iterativ the scalp 2-3 times a week for months. After 3-4 weeks of Corsicana can be repeated. Dandruff and helps blend of parsley and castor oil.

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