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Computer and SMS lead to dullness

Computer and SMS lead to dullnessBritish doctors found that frequent sending short text messages (and, in fact, their set), and a long time spent typing on the computer keyboard, maybe a fatal impact on the mental abilities of a person. In particular, this leads to a loss of ten IQ points (from the source). Scientists have compared the "dullness" of the set of messages and work on the keyboard with the condition after Smoking marijuana, and found that one cigarette stuffed "grass", reduces intellectual abilities by just four points. Thank God, this loss scientists characterize as temporary. And it's frightening to imagine what would have become of the millions of workers, otkazyvaysya eight hours at the computer, and lovers to exchange SMS. Moreover, the number of Internet users and mobile phones in Russia continues to grow steadily. The state of temporary dullness, coming after a working day at the computer, or a continuous set of SMS, scientists have already found the name information. It is that one loses concentration, the ability to perform its tasks, can not deal with several cases. Also experts say that excessive communication with a keyboard can have an impact on the social activity of people (of course, downward communication). Statistical data collected during the study showed that love to text messages began to grow into a kind of addiction. Of the respondents, 61% said that even after the end of the working day and vacation constantly receives and sends text messages (SMS and email), and in the first place this applies to those letters, in which we are talking about work. SMS, also make us more aggressive. According to the results of the same survey, most people start to behave inappropriately when they receive these messages and respond to them. Doctors warn: information is a serious disease with which we have to fight, otherwise you can bring yourself to the point that one day the level of IQ, degraded due to send two or three SMS and a dozen e-mails will never be restored to their former level. And then the diagnosis is already different. YTPO.Ru.

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