In New Zealand, a man crossed with a cow

In New Zealand, a man crossed with a cowIn New Zealand, a man crossed with a cow New Zealand scientists will be engaged in the cultivation of drugs for serious diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, right in the cows. On Tuesday, the risk management Commission for the environment, which is responsible for creating genetically modified organisms, allowed them to begin experiments on the introduction of human genes in the bovine genome. These experiments have not received unconditional support. Restrictions imposed on the first in New Zealand experiment, in which transgenic animals outside the laboratory, provide that cows should be fitted with a special electronic tags, and the conditions of their detention should exclude the possibility that they leave the safe area. According to the approved plan specialists of the state research institutions AgResearch Ltd. will introduce genes goats, pigs, sheep, mice and humans in the bovine genome, and the resulting embryos will find a surrogate mother in the person of ordinary cows. If successful, the researchers hope to obtain proteins that will allow you to treat serious diseases. This decision was met with disapproval by the groups 'green', for example, activists GE Free New Zealand, which stated that too high a risk that genetically modified animals that can be released, get into the food chain or will interbreed with other species. Recall that the risk of transgenic organisms has not been proven. Generally in New Zealand, the subject of genetic modification of plants and animals is quite serious, especially given the economy's dependence on agriculture. A coalition government led by labour's plans to lift the ban on commercial use of such organisms in the following year, which led to their break with the party 'green'. Source: Lenta.Ru.

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