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Doctors will try to separate conjoined twins

Doctors will try to separate conjoined twinsTry separating conjoined twins c Philippines, tech heads, intend to take baby neurosurgeons from new York. As reported on Tuesday, James Goodrich, who heads the hospital at Montefiore Medical center, 17-month-old brothers Clarence and Carl Aguair will be ready for a series of operations in late October. According to the doctor, the chances that the boys will be able to live a normal, independent of each other lives, are evaluated as good. The main problem unique operations, according to experts, is to share the twins large vein in the brain. In July, the clinic "Raffles" in Singapore underwent a successful operation to separate fused pelvic area conjoined twins from South Korea - 4-month-old sisters Sa RAS and JI Hye. Also in July, the doctors in the same medical center tried to separate the two twins from Iran, fused heads, but the 29-year-old sister Incense, Laleh Bijani died on the operating table. ITAR-TASS.

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