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Scientists have found a protein that protects monkeys from AIDS

Scientists have found a protein that protects monkeys from AIDSA man develops a variant protein TRIM5-alpha, which is 87% identical squirrel monkeys, however, are not able to confront AIDS. Scientists hope to find ways to modify human protein or use for the treatment and prevention of protein taken in monkeys. The discovery of researchers at the cancer Institute them. Dan and Farber in Boston and Harvard medical school colleagues wrote in the journal Nature. The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases Anthony S. Fauci, said that this discovery allows us to better understand the life cycle of HIV and opens up new ways of treatment in the early stages of HIV infection, before the virus will take root in the body". The discovery is the result of nearly a decade of work on the study of the reasons why HIV, human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS, infects some animals and not infect others. Scientists have long wondered why some monkeys, such as macaques-RH, baboons and mangabey not develop AIDS. It was clear that the body in monkeys produced some powerful factor that blocks HIV. Scientists have made a truly heroic effort, selecting a gene responsible for the production of this protective factor from 40 thousands of other genes monkeys. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack, the researchers say. They compiled a database of all 40 thousand genes. Then each gene was placed in human cells, which under normal conditions are exposed to HIV infection. The researchers then exposed the cells to be infected with HIV and watched the result. In order to distinguish cells from patients who remained uninfected, scientists in a special way "marked" and tracked the virus that emits green fluorescent light. One of the cultures proved to be particularly stable. It turned out that cells carrying the gene responsible for the production of protein TRIM5-alpha, had not been infected, regardless of the intensity of exposure to the virus. They remained dark. Scientists say that remains to be seen how the protein and its variants are there people who can't protect you from AIDS. In the future TRIM5-alpha will help to develop methods of treatment and prevention of AIDS.

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