Mobile communication saves you from stress

Mobile communication saves you from stressInformation technology and mobile communication, reduce stress at work, say experts from the company Continental Research. In a survey conducted in the UK, included 300 respondents, among them employees of the companies of the sector medium business decision makers on issues related to information technology. The majority of respondents noted that information technology helps keep nerves at work and to protect yourself from stress. At the same time, in different branches of it are different, experts say the company Continental Research. In companies engaged in the production, with a positive impact of information technology on the nerves, agree two-thirds of respondents. In the financial sector as 81% of respondents noted that a large number of communication technologies, makes them more tense because they have to constantly be distracted from the primary task, filtering out all the spam in your Inbox and trying to ignore the so-called "unprovoked calls - telephone advertising. The survey, which for the company Mitel Networks in September and October 2003 conducted by Continental Research has identified one of the most common trends is the desire to make work more flexible and mobile. Half of the respondents require some company employees to work remotely. However, according to experts, flexible work schedules, creates its own problems. 42% of respondents said that at a remote work harder just to maintain the motivation of employees and to properly guide them. Even more difficult to communicate with clients and 15% of respondents said that their problem is the lack of communication with colleagues.

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