Anti-aging diet

Anti-aging dietAnti-aging diet Youth and beauty women depend not only on the ability to correctly select cosmetics or skillfully apply makeup. The main condition for appeal is proper nutrition. If You look tired, if you feel older than his years, then your diet should almost always be some of the gifts of nature, to replenish the supply of energy and stimulate metabolism. Nuts are rich in vitamins that strengthen the nervous system, stimulates mental activity, eliminate irritability and promote concentration. Also found in nuts vegetable fats and proteins in contrast to the same connection animal is better absorbed by the body, do not require this high energy costs and do not contain many harmful substances, available, for example, in meat. Garlic strengthens the immune system and contains volatile - substances antimicrobial activity. Banana as a source of energy. None of the fruit for such a long time (45-60 minutes) does not charge the body with energy. High carbohydrate and low fat content helps lower cholesterol, and available potassium in bananas reduces the chance of heart attacks and strokes. In addition, bananas contain antidepressants that affect our mood, normalizing it. Carrot is considered the fountain of youth cells due to the high content of vitamin A. It stimulates cell activity, cares about their update that protects skin from the harmful effects of the environment, makes it elastic and slows down the formation of wrinkles (!). In addition, carrot supplies the body with beta-carotene in preventing bowel cancer. Tomatoes are low in calories and rich in potassium, which is useful for the heart and the condition of the blood vessels. Aromatic herbs should be used constantly. They are rich in vitamins and very useful. Include in your diet dill, parsley, celery, Basil, coriander etc..

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