Preoperative preparation of patients with diabetes mellitus

Preoperative preparation of patients with diabetes mellitusWhen a small surgical interventions in patients with compensated forms of the disease need to modify the usual mode of treatment, as a rule, no. When decompensation before operation it is necessary to correct the metabolic processes and to adjust insulin. When preparing for elective surgery of a large volume is necessary to achieve complete compensation of diabetes. On the day of surgery patients compensated forms of the disease should be entered only half the required dose of insulin. Patients receiving oral antidiabetic drugs (except those who have a small operation), to be translated into treatment with insulin. Oral drugs newly appointed after the healing of surgical wounds. In the postoperative period, the nurse should regularly send a urine specimen, and the physician patient's blood diabetes for the timely liquidation of dangerous complications. What additional treatment received by the patients with diabetes in the preoperative period? When treating patients with diabetes should strive to create a relaxed environment, as adverse psychological situations can cause decompensation of diabetes. In particular, traumatic patient, mental situations use tranquilizers. Diabetes increased the need for ascorbic acid and vitamin b complex, often develop hypovitaminosis, therefore, shows a broad prophylactic use of these vitamins. As docked hypoglycemic condition in patients with diabetes? Initial signs of hypoglycemia are easily removed by the intake of carbohydrates (bread, biscuits, sugar). When hypogly-khimicheskoi coma should intravenously to introduce 50 ml of 40% glucose solution (with no effect on repeat). How is the immediate preparation for surgery? Typically, operations are performed on an empty stomach. Before patients receive a light dinner. A cleansing enema before putting in all patients unless contraindicated. The night before the surgery the patient takes a bath, he changed the bedding and underwear. About state changes of patients seen by the nurse should be reported to a physician; elective surgery should be postponed during menstruation, even with a small rise in temperature, light cold, the appearance of the pustule on the skin and so on.

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