Vitamin mask-cocktails

Vitamin mask-cocktailsAutumn cocktail Vegetables and fruits are a great basis for vitamin facial Masks. It can be prepared for one minute and immediately put on the face (for 15-20 minutes). Chop any fruit flesh with a spoon and mix it with yogurt (preferably natural unsweetened). Add any vegetable mush potato starch ( to the consistency of sour cream or egg yolk. From "gifts of autumn" can be done refreshing lotions from crushed rose or cucumber: pour 100 g of product with a glass of vodka, let sit. Vitamin raw materials are easy to prepare for the winter: clean vegetables and fruit from the peel, put the mixture through a sieve or a meat grinder, add 1 Cup of the mixture St. a spoonful of vegetable oil, then place in plastic bags and put in freezer. Ice pieces of this mixture, you can wipe your face or use stocks as components for masks. Cocktail facial mask Cosmetic cocktail mask can easily solve the problems of any skin: Green cocktail: St. spoon sour cream mix with St.spoon chopped parsley, add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil and 10 drops of vitamin A. Salad for mixed skin: cover eyes with cucumber slices, oily skin oil juice of fresh grapes, dried - fruit, peach, mixed with vegetable oil or sour cream. Cocktail for oily skin: mix the parsley with the yogurt and lemon juice, add a little water to the starch and bran and gently apply on the face. Mousse for dry skin: apply to cleansed face thin strips of melon or papaya pulp, mashed together with plum and diluted with vegetable oil. Beauty is truth, says: drink water at least two liters a day! And delicious cocktails successfully replace and Breakfast, and afternoon tea. They can collect all the vitamins necessary for women of any age to look fresh and active. Fruit drink: juice of one lemon, mix with a glass of cold water. If you are not okay with digestion, add a tablespoon of honey. Vegetable drink: cut about 200g of different vegetables and cook them in 0,5 l of water until it becomes soft. The resulting mixture strain, let cool, pour into a bottle and put in the fridge. Every morning it is advisable to drink one glass of this juice (not very cold), if desired, add salt and red pepper. Drink "Longevity": stir ВЅ Cup of tomato juice with a Cup of sour milk, drink, savoring every SIP..

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