Ginseng will help patients with diabetes

Ginseng will help patients with diabetesThe use of drugs ginseng will help diabetics to control blood sugar levels. This is the conclusion of canadian experts, placed the report on the preliminary stage of the research conducted on a group of volunteers, in the April issue of Archives of Internal Medicine. Taken 40 minutes before a meal, the drug reduced the sugar content in the blood of patients by 20 percent. Although ginseng is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for over two thousand years, Western doctors treat it with skepticism. According to representatives of the British Association for diabetics, too early to make conclusions: until they are advised to not accepted at the moment of the principles of treatment of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in favor of ginseng products. The same opinion is shared by the authors of the published work. According to Dr. Vuksan from the University of Toronto, the results of this study only the cause of long and painstaking study of the properties of ginseng, its impact on the body with a long reception. In addition, you must install, is there any difference between the properties of American ginseng, used in the study, from other varieties grown in different parts of the world. The

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