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Call AmbulanceCall Ambulance Any disease can be cured better than the earlier you begin treatment, so at the first opportunity, you should call the experts: an Ambulance, a doctor, or go to the nearest medical facility. "First listens". "Listening to:" do You know what to say? How to communicate with the person on the other side connecting your wires? We will try to give a few recommendations that will facilitate your conversation and, believe me, can improve the quality of aid to You before the doctor of the Ambulance for the first time, You will see. To greet or not - depends on You. If You think that the exchange of greetings takes precious time, you can immediately get down to business. Although the phrase: "Hello - Hello" will take a maximum of three seconds. Try in the first phrase to articulate why You call for an Ambulance. For example: "heart" or "fell, hurt my leg, can't for it to come". Then answer the dispatcher's questions, if possible, briefly and accurately. If You are asked to call an Ambulance for someone (a neighbor, a passer-by, relative) ill try to find out whether something before, when he was treated last time, how long have deteriorated, prompting to call the Ambulance right now (increased pain or changed in nature, there are new complaints started feeling worse). About this You ask and please try to answer correctly. Do not think that these questions are meaningless and only delaying the start of care. There are algorithms that have been tested and proven on thousands of ambulances for many years. These algorithms include, in particular, and the dialogue Manager with the calling. Employees of the Ambulance are experts in everything. You never know which call is as follows. So, maybe somewhat superficially, but they should know and be able to apply knowledge from any field of medicine: from fracture to a heart attack, from birth to dysentery, anywhere at any time need a few seconds to assess the situation, make a decision and start helping. Every correct answer clarifies possible picture of the disease. We can say that the treatment begins before the exit of the car "Emergency" with the station begins, as the doctor will take the map call. The reason for call, explanations Manager to receive calls, age, time of the day everything starts to hold on to each other and to build a connection. When the doctor walks in, in his head there are few options, which are specified, discarded or detailed in the analysis of the situation, the appearance and behavior of the patient and others. Before the physician pronounces the sacramental phrase: "what are the symptoms?", he has prepared a preliminary diagnosis. Some, apparently fearing the failure to call an Ambulance, indicate the wrong reason. Thinking that "abdominal pain" or "pain in my head" sounds strong enough, they immediately say "heart", and then "dies". Can reread what has been said above and understand: rebuild always harder than building. The discrepancy between expected and actual pattern produces an error algorithms, scrapping the old and build a new version that takes some time and irritates the doctor on the patient lies, the patients of the doctor - behind the seeming obtuseness and slowness. Some, or shy, or afraid to say when you call about the previous use of alcohol. No need to do that! The use of sick of alcohol is not a reason for refusal of the call, at the same time, alcohol has analgesic (pain relieving) properties and, at sufficiently high doses, can coat the entire picture. And, if the patient argues that ": just drank 50 grams:" you underestimate the severity of the disease. After questions about health, also just need to answer, who is called "Emergency": a surname, a name, a patronymic, age, gender sick; who calls an Ambulance - a relative, a workmate, a passer-by; to give the exact address indicating the number of entrance and floor(entrance call sequence and only then needs to be clarified: "the Bank" or "the market". It is desirable to explain how best to approach your home and it will be nice if someone can come out to meet the Ambulance (additionally tell me where exactly you are going to meet her). On arrival of the machine give any sign that You are not just a passer-by, for example, (raise your hand or - night - ignite flashlight). If you can't or don't want to meet, at least unlock the door. Now everybody wants to protect itself, set in the corridor of the iron door to the ceiling, tightly overlapping them the light of the single bulb. In this light our entrances You simply will not find! At the end of the conversation say the number of the telephone from which call for an Ambulance. This is not a fad. If You do something messed up and "Emergency" in no way can You look on this phone call and clarify. And the General recommendation is as terrible as the situation - do not panic. Twist the fear and hysteria. Quickly and sensibly Manager stating the situation, You will achieve more than if within five minutes will be screaming into the phone: "You what?! Yes people will die! Come immediately! Yes you!:", often forgetting to call even address. Better ask what you can do prior to arrival of the Ambulance. In General, do not neglect the advice that can be obtained from the Manager. As already mentioned, the employees of the Ambulance are universal specialists working in emergency medicine for many years. In simple cases, you can safely resolve the situation, using the advice. Finally. Before you pick up the phone and dial 03, decide what You want really? To relieve pain or to allow the acute situation, a life-threatening? Get help, sick leave, other supporting document for presentation at work? Need to You have prescribed treatment or wrote the prescription? "Er" - emergency, no prescription and does not issue certificates. For this purpose there is a district service, doctors and nurses. They prescribe and control it. Most recent: "First aid" remains perhaps the last fully free medical service. If You do not have medical insurance or it is invalid - it won't be the reason for the refusal of the call..

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