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Breakfast enhances memory and improves performance

Breakfast enhances memory and improves performanceBreakfast is perhaps the most important meal of the day, according to U.S. scientists. They reviewed 47 studies on the nutrition and concluded that children and adolescents who eat Breakfast show higher levels of mental abilities and higher attendance than those who are accustomed to do without Breakfast. The report on this was published in the may issue of the journal of the American dietetic Association" One of the five authors, Judy Adams, a professional nutritionist, was President of the industrial group "Council on wheat products during the study. Scientists have discovered numerous research confirming that taking Breakfast enhances memory and improves performance. They suggest that Breakfast can help to regulate short-term metabolic responses to starvation, to cause changes in the concentration of neurotransmitters and help to avoid distracting the physiological effects of starvation. International Herald Tribune (Russian text

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