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who refused to recognize the third case of bird flu in China

who refused to recognize the third case of bird flu in ChinaExperts from the world health organization, who visited this week China, could not confirm the diagnosis of avian influenza in the dead 12-year-old girl from the province Hunan. She was hospitalized on 10 October with severe bilateral pneumonia and died the next day from acute respiratory failure. Although Chinese doctors and tend to believe that the cause of death most likely was bird flu, who could not confirm this officially, as confirmed are only the results that have been tested in laboratory conditions. Samples taken from the girl, not recognized quality and not subject to further processing. Thus, on 18 November in China is still only confirmed two cases of human infection with avian influenza. The first case was a 9-year-old brother of the dead girl, hospitalized with symptoms of respiratory failure on October 17. It managed to be rescued. The results (taken and held under the rules of the who) were antigen positive. The second case is a 24-year-old worker at a poultry farm in Anhui province in Southeast China. Ill 1 November, and being hospitalized on 7 November with symptoms of acute pneumonia, 10 November she died. The diagnosis of avian influenza was confirmed by the Chinese Center for Prevention and Disease Control in Beijing. Another, not yet officially confirmed case of human infection, the 36-year-old school teacher. He was hospitalized with pneumonia on October 24, in the province Hunan and, currently, their test results are processed by the virologists of the Ministry of health of China and who experts. Also, according to the who, since October 19, has reported 11 new cases in 6 provinces of China, from Liaoning in the North-East to sinjani in the West. According to the Xinhua news Agency in Beijing to validate sent the blood 252 people were in contact with infected. This is the blood of the workers of the veterinary point of Xiangtan County (there were found the dead birds), doctors from children's hospital of Hunan province and the Central hospital of the city Santani, as well as all who came in contact with sick people. In connection with the increasing incidence of human infection with H5N1 surveillance and epidemiological situation in China over the past month, largely hard to inform who. The Chinese government has invited a delegation of the who to conduct a further review of the epidemiological situation in the country in order to refute the message of a number of Western news agencies about the hiding-China-mass cases of human infection with avian influenza virus. "This information is unfounded and untrue," said the representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry, Liu Cancao.

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