Ulcer of the small intestine simple

Ulcer of the small intestine simpleULCER of the small INTESTINE SIMPLE (nonspecific idiopathic, chronic, trophic, round and so on) Primary ulcer of small intestine is a rare disease characterized by the appearance of one or multiple ulcerations mainly in the ileum, resembling the morphology of peptic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Occurs predominantly in men. Etiology and pathogenesis are unknown. Predisposing factors are local vascular disorders, increased trypticase activity of pancreatic juice, prolonged use of certain drugs (prednisolone, potassium salts and others). Symptoms manoharachary and the diagnosis is often established during the operation in case of complications (perforation, intestinal bleeding). Sometimes there is pain in epigastrium or right iliac area, occurring 3-4 hours after eating, local tenderness in this area and the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall palpation. Examination of feces reveals hidden bleeding. When sighting chest x-ray is sometimes possible to detect ulcer niche in the small intestine. The differential diagnosis spend with tuberculosis ulcers, ulcers of the small intestine in typhoid fever, the amyloidosis, regional enteritis, tumors. Possible complications: bleeding, perforation, and stricture formation in the intestine. Treatment in the hospital on the General principles of treatment of peptic ulcer disease (see). In case of complications-surgical treatment..

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