Drug birch suppresses the development of the AIDS virus

Drug birch suppresses the development of the AIDS virusScientists from the Institute of organic chemistry of Ufa scientific centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the laboratory of retrovirus Institute of molecular biology, Koltsovo, created a new drug that inhibits the growth of human immunodeficiency virus and accelerates healing of wounds and burns. To do this, they modified is contained in the bark of birch trees substance betulin, possessing biological activity. Exploring the pharmacological properties of a new drug, the scientists compared it with the effect of traditional medicines. It turned out that dinicotinate betulin protects the mucous membrane of the stomach from ulcers not worse known drug Venter and reduces the area of existing ulcers. Like ortofen, it delays the development of inflammatory edema. One percent ointment, made from the drug, on the 10th day of treatment to reduce the area of thermal burn by 42%, whereas in animals treated with ointment methyluracil, the area of RAS decreased only by 20%. In addition, the new ointment significantly better than traditional means, heals and ragged wounds. To explore the anti-HIV activity of the drug, the researchers used cell cultures of human lymphocytes infected with human immunodeficiency virus. The results of the experiments showed that the drug but does not protect cells from virus attack, but prevents it from reproduction. (News).

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