Scientists create artificial life

Scientists create artificial lifeScientists create artificial life Scientists, who genetic code of a person deal with the creation of an artificial organism. They will attempt to synthesize only the most necessary for the existence of genes primitive bacteria in the laboratory and to replace natural genetic make-up. The ultimate goal will be the microorganisms that will help to create a clean fuel and clean atmosphere. The study was started in 1995, when scientists from the Institute of genome research, decided to find out what is the minimal set of genes necessary for the existence of primitive microorganism is one of the species of Mycoplasma. If under normal conditions the DNA of Mycoplasma genitalium contains 517 genes, their minimum number has been set at the level of 265-300. A grant in the amount of three million dollars from the U.S. Department of energy the company Biological Energy Alternatives will continue experiments with Mycoplasma. They will try to synthesize the genes from the list of the minimum required, and then, pre-destroying the DNA of the microbe, place them inside the past. The cells will remain in some parts, such as enzymes, but the genes will be completely new. The company, which is responsible for the creation of artificial life, founded J. Craig Venter of the J. Craig Venter), who headed the company Celeria Genomics. She, being a private company, conducted a study of the human genome in parallel with international government-funded project. In 2000, both projects jointly presented the results of studies of hereditary information. Scientists hope to create a microorganism that synthesizes hydrogen, which can be a universal fuel. Another possibility would be the creation of a bacterium, absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, the gas responsible for the greenhouse effect. The authors note the importance of proper tasking and safety information, which should not help to create biological weapons to terrorists. Source:

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