Herpes ambulance

Herpes ambulanceHerpes: ambulance ITCHY watery blisters on the lips - a classic case of herpes. In most people the virus is dormant unnoticed in the body since childhood. Infection, stress, long exposure to the sun awaken this 'lodger', it begins to multiply at breakneck speed, appearing on his lips. You need to begin to deal with it as soon as it begins to manifest itself in the form of itching and skin tension. To do this every half hour for 5 minutes to put on tense areas of the skin the ice cubes. Many believe in an old home remedy - flax seed in the form of salaries, lemon oil as lubricant. Reliable quick help bring natural tea tree oil. Many times during the day using a cotton swab, apply 7 drops of this oil on the problem areas. Also help kill germs ointments on the basis of acyclovir. Most importantly: do not touch the cold sore fingers, as rubbing can be an infection or infected. Needless to say, the prohibition of the kiss. Scientists have found that the recurrence of herpes can be prevented by using lysine-amino acids contained in potatoes, dairy products and brewer's yeast. The herpes virus is attacking with a weakened immune system. So often relax, avoid stress and prolonged exposure to the sun. We should not forget about the protection lip creams that contain sun filters. Source: AiF Health.

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