Nicotine addiction is after the first cigarette

Nicotine addiction is after the first cigaretteCanadian epidemiologist Jennifer Olofson studying the impact of tobacco use on children and adolescents McGill University, believes that first smoked baby-cigarette can cause many years of nicotine addiction. For the study, challenged conventional wisdom, if young people need 2-3 years to article smokers, were attracted 1200 adolescents aged 12-13 years. Now they are 16-17 years old. Several times a year the young people interviewed, whether they smoke, and if so, how many times a day do they feel the dependence on tobacco, when you smoke, and forced to smoke, when the smoke others. Eventually it was revealed that some adolescents 3% of the studied group is particularly vulnerable. Their neurophysicist and biological mechanisms underlying the metabolism of nicotine, and simply - genes can dictate the emergence of nicotine dependence, even after the first cigarette.

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