who called to provide free anti-TB drugs for AIDS patients

who called to provide free anti-TB drugs for AIDS patientsExperts of the world health organization (who) urged to provide free anti-TB drugs to those infected with HIV/AIDS. As reported on the official website of the United Nations, the cost of anti-TB drugs for one patient is $ 10 for the whole course of treatment. However, last year 200 thousand HIV-infected Africans died of tuberculosis because they have not been able to get these drugs. "Over the last ten years, after the adoption of the Declaration of the who TB control, the spread of this epidemic, however, has increased significantly. It happened mainly due to HIV/AIDS, say doctors. We must strengthen our efforts to fight the deadly combination of these diseases." According to who, the combination of "AIDS - TB may soon erupt in India. Now 180 thousand HIV-infected citizens of this country are infected with tuberculosis. Recall that AIDS destroys the immune system, resulting in his body loses its ability to resist various infections, and, first of all, the causative agent of tuberculosis. According to experts, one third of the 42 million people living with HIV/AIDS, infected with tuberculosis. About 90% of them die within a few months..

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