Lack of vitamins deprives intelligence

Lack of vitamins deprives intelligenceLack of vitamins deprives intelligence Insufficient intake of one of the B vitamins dramatically increases the likelihood of developing senile dementia. This conclusion was made by American scientists, who for several years was watching a large group of older people and analysed the amount of vitamin that they get from food. Even a small deficit was sharply increased the risk of Alzheimer's disease. This study was conducted under the direction of Dr. Martha Clare Morris (Martha Clare Morris of Chicago medical center rush-Presbyterian-Saint-Lux". The authors of the study cautioned that the results are preliminary. "The research is still far from being able to give recommendations," she added. Scientists observed a group of 815 persons not younger than 65 years at the start of the study did not suffer from intellectual disabilities. Using special questionnaires that were completed by participants, the researchers analyzed the intake of vitamin B3, or Niacin with food. For four years they watched the volunteers, noting those who are showing signs of dementia. Consumption of Niacin older people were divided into five groups. As it turned out, those who fell into the group with the highest intake of vitamin (half of which received more than 22 milligrams of Niacin), were 79 percent less likely to collide with Alzheimer's disease than those who were in the last group. Consumption of Niacin installed in 16 milligrams for men and 14 v for women. But researchers noted that the increased risk was not observed at sharp deficiency of Niacin, but only with a small decrease its exposure with respect to the prescribed by doctors standards. The reason for this remains unclear, as the nature of the link between Alzheimer's disease, or senile dementia, and insufficient intake of one of the b vitamins. The results of the study were presented at the 55th annual meeting of the American society of gerontology in Boston. Source: Рњ

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