a method of preventing metastasis

a method of preventing metastasisA group of researchers from Cytoscope University, Japan, under the guidance of Professor Hajime Kubo has developed a way to prevent the production of cancer cells new infoprotocol. The research results were presented at the meeting of the Japan Association of oncologists in Fukuoka. Small cancer cells are transported through new lymphokines, forming a new lymph nodes. In the process produces a molecule that determines the factor vascular endothelial growth (VEGF-C), stimulating the growth of lymphatic vessels. Scientists were able to produce antibodies that block lipoprotei and not giving to produce molecules of VEGF-C. The researchers found that mice that were transplanted colon cancer cells without the appropriate antibodies, around the lymph nodes appeared lipoprotei, whereas in mice that were transplanted and antibodies, such practically did not occur. Published on Sunday, October 3, special statement from the Japan Association of oncologists say that the results suggest a potential strategy for the suppression of lymphatic metastasis in cancer therapy. RIA "Novosti"".

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