Cheese is addictive!

Cheese is addictive!American scientist claims that cheese dependence is not as strong as the dependence of the human body from morphine. Dr. Neal Barnard, President of the Committee of physicians for the introduction of new drugs, says cheese dependence can be produced because each piece of aged Goodies contains a small amount of morphine produced by the liver of cows. In his book "Breaking the food temptations: hidden causes, depending on food and seven steps to naturally overcome," he explains why people often develop a habit of certain products, such as cheese, meat, sugar or chocolate. He says: "There is a biochemical reason why many of us feel that you can't live without a daily dose of some product. Cheese, for example, contains a lot of casein protein, the cleavage of which is in the process of digestion produces opium substance, its composition is reminiscent of morphine and called casomorphin. These sedative drugs, believed to be the infant develops a strong attachment to the mother during feeding his chest. Similarly, there is nothing surprising in the fact that with age we become hostages of the "fridge". Dr. Barnard says that his research is aimed at helping obese people. In addition, according to him, it is necessary to sue the fast food restaurants that are killing people, making them pizza or hamburgerstake. The doctor has developed a three-week diet and lifestyle program that helps people to get rid of the food drug, changing your eating habits, just activating his life and enhancing sleep. РњIGNews.

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