ChemoprophylaxisUnder chemoprophylaxis understand the use of specific TB (tuberculostatic) drugs by healthy individuals at special risk of suffering from tuberculosis, to prevent their disease. In some cases, prescribed chemoprophylaxis? Persons from contact with the releasers of bacilli, including employees of TB institutions; persons who have been diagnosed turn tuberculin, samples; persons with high sensitivity to tuberculin, with the so-called "giperergicakie" reactions to tuberculin; people with inactive tuberculosis, which due to unfavorable conditions may be worsening process (deterioration of conditions of life; specific diseases that weaken the body, pregnancy, postpartum period, and so on). How they spend chemoprophylaxis? Chemoprophylaxis is carried out in centers with fresh amassive bellovedere 2 times a year 2 - 3 months within 1-2 years in areas with unfavourable epidemiological conditions 2 times a year for 2-3 months to 2-3 years. According to the testimony is chemoprophylaxis to children and adolescents from the family contact with patients with active TB (1 year 2-3 months within 1-2 years). After vaccination or revaccination should not start chemoprophylaxis because of anti-TB drugs act on the culture of BCG and can reduce the production of immunity. It should be performed only after a 2-month isolation of the patient or graft. In those cases, when isolation is not possible, instead vaccination immediately appointed hemiatrophy-phenomenon. Which drug is used for chemoprophylaxis? The main drug for chemoprophylaxis is tubazide. The dose for adults is 0.6 g, for children from 5 to 8 mg per kg weight of human being. All the daily dose given once daily in the absence or intolerance tubazide it is replaced by another drug. When conducting chemoprophylactic extremely important regularity of drug intake. It is desirable that the patient took tubazide in the presence of medical personnel or specially trained health asset. If the patient takes tubazide yourself, then the drug is given for a short time is 7-14 days. This will allow you to follow the correct course of treatment and to detect side effects. In such cases, the doctor reduce the dosage or cancels the drug for some time..

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