Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massageAnti-cellulite massage The method consists in the fact that under the influence of the hands occurs in the electromagnetic field that causes cells to work actively. Hands massage vigorously glide over the skin. Smoothly, but at the same time, pressing lightly. This effect helps to dissolve the fibrous skeleton of the cells and removes from them the slag. Before the procedure, the therapist affects the appropriate places using a special warming gels and creams. However, it is erroneous to assume that drugs for the treatment of cellulite can fix the problem. One of the main functions of the skin is a protective aimed at the protection of the body from harmful external influences. Human skin is arranged in such a way that it is a natural barrier against the penetration depth of the subcutaneous layer of foreign substances. And capsules cellulite located at considerable depth. And only the effects of massage are able to rectify the situation. Only the combination of specific massage techniques and drugs for correction gives effect to the elimination of the excess volume. This is only effective hand massage. It affects the subcutaneous fat layer, makes intensify metabolic processes in the body fat. In the process of anti-cellulite massage session temperature massaged areas is increased by one and a half to two degrees. Blood abundantly not only irrigates the skin, subcutaneous tissue, nerves, all organs and systems, without exception. Under the influence of the sensitive hands of the masseur irritated biologically active points and reflex zones of the body. It turns out a powerful impact on the entire energy chain, stimulates all internal organs. With the help of massage, it is possible to improve metabolism, reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, improve blood circulation. And as a consequence get rid of extra pounds. This process requires certain sacrifices and deprivations (diet plan), adherence to regular exercise (best diving). By the way, should improve and your skin will disappear pimples and acne. Well, then disappear and extra pounds..

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