the Secret of the survival of male youth

 the Secret of the survival of male youthThese tips are addressed to men older than 50 years. First rule: don't panic, you better take care of yourself. If you quickly begin to feel muscle fatigue, if libido is markedly reduced, if you struggle to cope with illness and stress, if you have feelings of insecurity, frustration or depression, do not worry: you just went in the area of andropause. This syndrome, according to andrologists, is associated with reduced testosterone level which after 50 years is reduced by 1% per year. Is it possible to slow down this process? Experts gathered in Pisa at the V international Congress on Therapy in andrology, organized every four years by Professor Fabrizio Menchini Fabris, convinced that it is possible - but subject to a few Golden rules. Here they are. Maintain mental activity at a high level. Keep the muscles in tone as bone pathology are the result of muscular pathologies: a useful half-hour daily walk. Do not abuse carbohydrates, to avoid excessive weight and diabetes; follow a balanced diet, eat proteins and carbohydrates should not completely exclude fats (lipids and cholesterol is synthesized testosterone). Do not eat large amounts of salt to avoid high blood pressure. Consume less alcohol. Do not smoke: tobacco smoke damages the endothelium tissue that covers the inner surface of the heart, blood vessels, joints. Take under medical supervision, antioxidants (vitamins E, C and so on). Heed the first symptoms of andropause and contact your doctor. Have sex, it is not necessary to abandon it, but don't forget about the physiological changes associated with age. "Testosterone," confirms Giorgio Calabrese, a nutritionist from the Catholic University in Piacenza, - participates in the activity of the thyroid gland and protects brain cells. Taking into account that in the period of andropause comes hypertrophy of the prostate, you should increase the intake of betacarotene and alphacarotene contained in tomatoes, strawberries, wild berries". First of all, you need to watch your weight. Obesity leads to serious disturbances in the activity of the circulatory system, because of the increased weight hampers blood flow from the legs to the heart, in other words in the heart and the brain gets less oxygen. According to the specialist, this can cause depression, and then serious brain diseases. In addition, obesity in men leads to "contamination" of the arteries in saturated fats. "There is a risk of developing a heart attack or thrombosis," says Calabrese. Should be a good rule to periodically visit the doctor. First of all - andrologist, to prevent the onset of prostate tumors. It is also recommended to monitor the hearing. The nature of the hereditary diseases are still poorly understood. Typically, these diseases occur over the years. Early diagnosis will help to solve the problem. "If you do not hear, do not get closed in itself. This can lead you into depression. There are special devices, with which you will be good to hear that will allow you to improve the quality of life and social relations," says the doctor. The most important component of the elixir of youth is your attitude to life. "If a man unconcerned about all the complexities and desires, with time he will be strengthened erotic beginning." This convinced Raffaele Morelli. The secret of remaining young? "Mind, able to play and have fun. So, how do children". However, it is important not to become attached to the past. "You must live in the present," says Morelli, - getting rid of resentment and prejudice. Who remains tied to the past, faster aging, as well as those who have a fear of the future. You should be able to live in harmony with itself, without excessive assessments, accepting yourself for who is. When you will retire, do not vegetate in front of the TV, you should do what brings pleasure.".

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