Americans refuse artificial respiration

Americans refuse artificial respirationServices ambulance U.S. cease to give instructions on artificial respiration. We are talking about the recommendations that get called 911. Before the arrival of rescuers, these people should try to save the lives of victims. Often such calls come in, if someone on the street had a heart attack. In the case of cardiac arrest or acute heart failure, with each passing minute, the chances of survival decrease by 10 percent. Theoretically, timely resuscitation artificial respiration and chest compressions should save the life of such victims. But in practice, most patients die. This is attributed to the fact that Americans don't know how and don't want to do strangers artificial respiration mouth to mouth". Therefore, the Manager needs time to on the phone to convince and teach the caller to carry out resuscitation. Now services ambulance gradually abandon such instructions. Informed by telephone of a heart attack it is advisable to immediately begin to massage the chest. For this you need to regularly put pressure on the middle part of the sternum. As a result, the air enters into the lungs in an amount sufficient to save the patient's life. However, such recommendations are only valid for patients with heart failure are older than 18 years. Cardiac arrest as a result of severe allergic reactions, drug overdose and drug administration and artificial respiration is indispensable. Mednovosti.Ru.

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