Than to close the wound? Dressing materials in the clinic and at home

Than to close the wound? Dressing materials in the clinic and at homeThan to close the wound? Dressing materials in the clinic and at home *147r*When wound pouring blood, it should be stopped. In childhood many of us have used for this purpose, the leaf plantain: a good Poluneev, it was a breeze to bruised knee or a broken elbow. In the old days the household used a clean pieces of cloth. Today in every home medicine Cabinet features a bandage and cotton wool, and even a few species. Much about the Arsenal dressing devices that use modern surgeons, and can not speak. Dressings that are used for the treatment of wounds must have the ability to absorb the liquid and drain it from the bottom of the layers adjacent to the wound, at the top. In addition, it must be clean (or sterile) and breathable. These are the properties of wool, cotton and viscose fabric, special dressings synthetic materials. Wool used to get wet blood, mucus, pus. Leave it in the wound in any case not necessary - thin fibrils, composed of wool, glued together with the blood and stick to gentle the newly-forming surface of the skin, and then, after removing the bandage, can damage it and cause pain. What kind of wool to use? Viscose seems more white and smooth, but absorbs liquid worse than cotton. Flax wool technology which has recently developed domestic experts, has its advantages: it is more absorbent than cotton, in addition, due to its natural antiseptic properties of flax, prevents the development of infection in the wound. Currently, in the framework of the Federal target program "development of the linen industry in Russia 1996-2000) creates a new generation of medical supplies from domestic flax, which will replace imported cotton. Here an important and ancient traditions of this culture in Russia, and the special properties of linen products. For example, it was found that flax surgical sutures are non-toxic and are ideal suture material: it stimulates the formation around the seam of young connective tissue, and then resolves without any consequences for the organism. Should wadding and bandages that are used at home, to be sterile? In most cases this is not necessary. Sterile dressings are needed, where there is a flow of patients, and therefore, there is a possibility of infection any infection transmitted from one person to another - in clinic, hospital, dental office. Under normal conditions sufficiently before applying bandages to treat the wound disinfectant iodine, brilliant green, Iodinol and then use a clean cotton wool, gauze or bandage. If the wound is small, a good replacement they may be bactericidal plaster - he firmly fixes the bandage on the wound, and disinfectant, which is part of impregnation, prevents infection and inflammation. Holes in the plaster provide access of air to the wound - this is necessary so that it does not begin to multiply bacteria in an anoxic environment. Sometimes the patch comes unstuck, if it be moistened with water, so it is better to use waterproof plasters modern "designs". Bandages that are used today, doctors differ little from those used a century ago. Often doctors use bandage, which consists of a cotton-gauze pads and bandages. The bandages are produced in various widths depending on the place of injury. Most of us are not so good idea how to properly bandage the arm or leg. The procedure consists of several stages (for example, if an injured hand): on an open wound, apply a sterile gauze pad or clean it with disinfectant solution; one hand to hold the end of the swathe roll under the joints crippled hands, and another double-circle roll around the arm to secure the bandage; turn the roll and start to do "eight", grasping the wrist and again returning to the fingers to complete the "eight".

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