AstromediaMedical astrology is the art to determine the person's illness and his predisposition to him on the horoscope. It is believed that the position of the stars during the birth indicates the possible diseases that can cause relative position of stars and planets. The strength of the magnetic fields of the Sun, moon and stars, passing through the body of the newborn, specify and define the location of electrons and protons in the atoms of the body, blood and bones for life. But you should beware of hasty diagnoses in partial reading astrological charts, as there are a huge number of variants of this location. One of the main goals of medical astrology is to prevent disease in those periods of a person's life, when his horoscope indicates that he is adverse to the cosmic impact. Solid principle of astrology - stars warn, but not forced. Therefore, it is possible to correct health and overcome the influence of the planets self-discipline, diet and internal harmony. Statistics show that scientific methods of diagnosis, as well as the most modern laboratory tests in 25% of cases give an erroneous result. Astrologers don't do tests, but can help doctors, giving clues to the nature and occurrence of adverse symptoms. For example, medical astrologer, given the predisposition of this or that sign of the Zodiac to certain diseases, for example, knowing that Jupiter affects the liver, can advance to the position of the planets to predict when disturbed her work. The doctor will do tests when the unfortunate happened. In case of severe diseases, the gap in time may be a matter of life and death. These pages is not a book for professionals, and an introduction to the subject, the guide General directions of astrological predictions in the field of health. For a more detailed analysis and advice on specific problems, You should consult a specialist in medical astrology (which can be both a medic) to make and interpret a map of the dates of birth and subsequent years. Medicine is beginning to recognize that the needs of people in the food items and vitamins differ. But for a long time so thought astrologers who came from the fact that each sign of the Zodiac and planet has specific requirements for food or characteristic deficiency of certain minerals or other elements. I want to remind you that if you already have the symptoms of some illness, you should consult a doctor and not rely on their own diagnosis and self-treatment. Source:.

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