Gynecologist Sekerina Olga I

Gynecologist Sekerina Olga IGynecologist Sekerina Olga I. The idea of creating a private office was not only able to stay afloat in modern conditions, but also as a way to really implement yourself as a specialist. Now me not tend neither the views of the physician or the plan, requiring me to take 20-30 patients a day. This gives you the opportunity to give each patient as much time as necessary for a thorough examination and lengthy conversations. Your private gynecological Cabinet I opened in 1997 on the basis of the Federal Centre of expertise disability of the population of the city of Moscow. In addition to my services patient in my office have the opportunity to enjoy the full range of services provided by the Institute. And this modern equipment and highly qualified specialists of different professions (physicians, surgeons, urologists and other), as well as the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment of various diseases. I will be happy if the virtual encounter with me will leave you a good impression, and you decide to contact me for advice. More detailed information about how to get to see me, You can find here. Come, I am ready to help anyone who will give me a solution to their problems....

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