Unusual banana can cure children from blindness

Unusual banana can cure children from blindnessBanana, more like a melon, called "carat" ("karat"), was so rich in vitamin a that scientists Micronesia going to use it to cure from blindness children of the Islands of the Western Pacific ocean. In General, residents of Micronesia used the "carat" for many centuries the fruit helped with the transfer of children from breastfeeding to solid foods. Recently, however, this banana on the Islands are no longer popular, they have been replaced by imported food products. Now scientists from the Ministry of agriculture Pohnpei found that "carat" in abundance rich in betacarotene (25 times more than regular bananas), which the body converts into vitamin A. Thus, there was hope that children who suffer from lack of vitamins, you could defend the "banana diet" from certain kinds of blindness. Рњembrana.Ru.

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