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The kidney as a gift for best friend

The kidney as a gift for best friendThe kidney as a gift for best friend Continues the action initiated by the companies Vastarredo and NGOs Rosmetall" with the support of the Foundation "Good heart", with the aim to attract public attention to the problem of school furniture and prove the necessity of introduction in educational process of ergonomic furniture, taking into account the peculiarities of structure and growth of children. The other day was the official presentation of the class, completed a month ago with new desks. According to teachers and parents, the results of the use by children of ergonomic furniture is already in the class significantly increased achievement in children has increased interest in study, and for the last month, none of the students of the experimental class was not sick. Reliably confirm or refute this information will be a medical examination, which will be held at the end of the week. It will be the first of five by the experiment of medical examinations, the purpose of which is the registration number of psychological and physiological parameters of the students of the experimental class and the control group. On the basis of these indicators at the end of the experiment will be conducted analysis of changes in health status and psychological state of children. The presentation was attended by State Duma Deputy Pavel A. Medvedev and Deputy of the Moscow City Duma Mikhail Mikhailovich vyshegorodcev. Our correspondent was able to talk with both authorities. Interviewer: "Pavel Alekseevich, as the representative of the State Duma, can You say whether supported this action and will in the future, the issue of acquiring ergonomic school furniture across the state?". Medvedev, P. A.: "I Think, Yes. This experiment v only the beginning. When a positive impact of ergonomic furniture on child health and its performance is confirmed, first, apparently, will be the purchase of such furniture for schools of Moscow, and then for all schools in Russia. But this, of course, will take time - at least 2-3 years.".

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