In new York city Siamese twins share with balloons

In new York city Siamese twins share with balloonsThe first of a series of the operations division of the fused heads polutoragodovaly Siamese twins from the Philippines held on Monday in new York. Surgeons at children's hospital Montefiore in the Bronx implanted Carl and Clarence Aguirre under hair balloons, gradually inflating that doctors expect to increase the area of the skin so that it was enough for both head after separation. The separation process will be gradual and, according to the new York doctors, a capacity of at least three operations within two to three months. As said by the head of the team of neurosurgeons James Goodrich, the decision on the gradual separation dictated by the need to give the organisms twins respite to recover. "The risk is huge. The probability that both children will die, equivalent to 30 percent. But the chances of success much more than 20 years ago, when the risk of death for both children would be in our case close to 100 percent," said Goodrich. Carl and Clarence arrived in new York on September 10. More than a month they had gained weight and undergoing physical therapy. October 12, after a 34-hour surgery doctors in Dallas divided fused heads conjoined twins from Egypt. While doctors are satisfied with the state of health of a two-year boys. RIA "Novosti"".

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