SARS changing Easter service

SARS changing Easter serviceCatholics Toronto forced to change the course of Easter service. The cause of the outbreak of SARS. The official point of view has not changed: a new disease sweeping the canadian province of Ontario, especially Toronto, still under control. Meanwhile, after the 20th of March it became known about the first 10 cases of this disease, their number in Toronto is constantly growing, but all of them were associated with travel sick people in Asia with direct contacts returned from the citizens, and everything is somehow limited to the walls of several of the hospitals where the patients were. 13 people in Toronto have already died, same patients, there are now about 300. A couple of days ago quarantined sent another 500 people. They are all the parishioners of the Catholic Church, attending the funeral of his coreligionist who died from SARS. 29 people from this parish, and their two doctors already have all the symptoms of a new disease, others are told to sit in isolation and to monitor health. Catholics change service On the eve of Easter, the Catholic Church decided to intervene in the situation and make some changes in the celebration. So, this time in the churches during the Easter celebrations will not bring wine from the same glass, discarded handshakes, and traditional waffles priests will be given to parishioners in hand, and not to put directly in the mouth, as is usually the case. "Despite the fact that we are Christians and are approaching Holy days for all of us, you have to stay in isolation, is turned to a sick fellow priest of the diocese of Toronto John Bayonne. - Some people can be difficult and they will feel some discomfort," warned the priest and called to honor God by performing medical guidelines for preserving the health of society.".

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