Another deadly virus has killed people

Another deadly virus has killed  peopleAt least 10 Vietnamese children died in March from an unknown virus reports today, local printing. This virus, as experts believe, belongs to the group of enteroviruses and is not associated with "atypical pneumonia" that swept many countries in the world. As it became known, these children under three years of age died at the children's hospital of Ho Chi Minh city. According to doctors, fever and diarrhoea patients developed coma with respiratory failure and cardiac activity. The latter died 16-month-old child after 11 h after hospitalization. Doctors try to determine the type of pathogen, which, they suppose, belongs to the group of "enteroviruses" causing a disease with symptoms of paralysis, vomiting and diarrhea. From enterovirus infection in 1988 in Taiwan 50 children died and more than 250 were hospitalized. In Australia in 1999, there were deaths from this infection..

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