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The Principles Of Reiki

The Principles Of ReikiSince the torus as hawayo Takata introduced in the Western world the system of Reiki, there are plenty of versions of the commandments left Mikao Usui his followers. However, learning Reiki has never been an oral tradition, as is stated in the Western branch. As the teacher of Usui and his students, there are plenty of recordings made during training, as well as many publications. Among them are preserved copies of the principles of Reiki that Mikao Usui taught as part of the system. According to Japanese tradition, after the death of the personal belongings of a person, especially those representing a particular value, and placed in his private chapel. In the chapel of Mikao Usui kept the commandments, written by his hand in the style of Japanese kandji on a large canvas. There is also a portrait of the Master, who had once managed to stand and take pictures in 1938. This is the only photo that was distributed to students of Usui in my seminars and now known throughout the world. According to records on the monument, established on the grave of Mikao Usui in Tokyo in Buddhist temple Saihoji, his commandments Mikao Usui borrowed from the code of the Emperor Meiji period, out of deep respect and sincere admiration. In 1996 in Japan was published in the book masters of Reiki, Toshitaka Mochizuki "Iasi But Te" ("Healing hands"). This is the first modern book on Reiki, written in Japanese. Toshitaka Mochizuki studied on the line going from one of the most advanced students of Mikao Usui - Toshihiro Eguchi. In this book Mochizuki published his handwritten copy of the original Usui precepts. This copy is stored at the master Reiki David king, who learned from Tatsumi, a disciple of Chujiro Hayashi. The same copy of the commandments of the master Usui made his disciple Keizo Ogawa, was published in a Japanese magazine in April 1986, and published in published in the 1997 book "the Fire is Reiki". Its author, Arjava Petter, Reiki master, living and working in Japan. The original commandments stored in the personal chapel of Mikao Usui, below are three small red print..

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