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Doctors say that they were able to identify the causative agent of atypical pneumonia

Doctors say that they were able to identify the causative agent of atypical pneumoniaDoctors from Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United States claim that they were finally able to identify the pathogen South Asian atypical pneumonia. The results of their study confirm the assumption that the cause of this infectious disease is a mutant strain of coronavirus. This information is contained in two articles published on Thursday on the front page of the New England Journal of Medicine. The head of the American scientific team Larry Anderson proposed to perpetuate in the name of the new virus name Italian doctor Carlo Urbani, who first described the symptoms of atypical pneumonia and he was one of its victims. Employees Percivalesque University believe that they were able to establish at least one of the reasons explaining the failure of all attempts to clone monkeys from somatic cells of adult organisms. It was found that in the cells of the cloned embryos of these mammals too little of specific proteins required for the normal divergence of chromosomes during cell division. This deficiency leads to a variety of chromosomal abnormalities, which cause death of the embryo. This anomaly detected in embryos macaques, however, it is inherent and other primates, including man. The researchers admit that over time, this difficulty can be overcome, however, quick success here can not count. Dr. Gerald Sattin and his colleagues believe that the results they obtained virtually leave no doubt that the statements of the sect of realitos about the birth of a cloned child is actually ordinary sell. [].

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