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climax Mystery solved

climax Mystery solvedScientists have developed a method of determining the exact timing of menopause in women. According to the researchers, the probability of conception is dramatically reduced within 10 years prior to menopause. The new test will help women to better plan future pregnancy. Scientists, however, are agreed that until that moment when the woman will be able to go to his therapist in the district hospital and ask for a new test will have to wait. More research is needed in order to increase the reliability of the test. Usually menopause occurs in women aged 50 years, but there are cases as early menopause (42 years) and late (58 years). The method is based on the estimation of the number of oocytes in the ovaries. At the age of 37 years, the number hovers around 25 thousand. Then it begins to fall sharply. By the time of menopause, the number of eggs reaches one thousand is too small for successful fertilization. Experts believe they have found a way of counting eggs by measuring the size of the ovaries. The researchers plan to conduct a long-term study in which a group of young and healthy women will be observed until the onset of menopause, in order to identify more accurately the ratio between the size of the ovaries and the probability to become pregnant. The test, according to doctors, to help women who have undergone treatment for cancer, to plan the birth of future children. Data on the number of eggs will also be useful in assessing the chances to conceive those undergoing artificial insemination. "Essentially, this means that potentially we can determine how much time is left for women in order to successfully get pregnant," says one of the researchers from children's hospital in Edinburgh. Р’Р’РЎ

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