Mineral water hazardous to health?

Mineral water hazardous to health?Dutch scientist Rocus Clint claims that bottled mineral water can be more dangerous than ordinary water from the tap. Dr. Clint analyzed samples of mineral water 68 different brands from 16 countries. He is absolutely sure of the correctness of their conclusions. Samples of mineral water scientist compared with tap water and well water. "Mineral water much more full of dangerous bacteria and fungi. It is much more pathogenic microorganisms," says Clint. These bacteria are not very dangerous for healthy people, but for people with a weakened immune system, they represent a serious danger. "Often people with weak immunity doctors prescribe to drink only mineral water, assuming that it is cleaner and safer, but it is not so," says Clint. "The claim that bottled water is healthier and safer than water from the tap is not true. Bottled mineral water sold in supermarkets, we found high levels of bacterial contamination," concludes Clot. Scientist claims to have discovered bacteria and fungi in 40% of the analysed samples of mineral water. NEWSru.com.

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