ThermometryWhat is the normal temperature of a healthy person? Normal temperature when measured in the axillary or inguinal region varies between 36 and 37 ' C. in the Morning it is slightly lower than in the evening. In the rectum and the vagina temperature 0.5--1 'above. What is a clinical thermometer? Medical thermometer is a mercury maximum, because the capillary, through which the mercury rises out of the tank, has a constriction that prevents reverse movement of the mercury in the reservoir. The scale of the thermometer marks from 34 to 42 'S. For the return of the mercury in the reservoir of the thermometer is shaken several times. What are the rules of storage and disinfection of medical thermometers? To store thermometer use a glass or jar, the bottom of which lay a layer of cotton wool, pour 0.5% solution of bleach or other disinfectant substances. After the use of the thermometer immersed in disinfectant solution and wipe off. After this thermometer can be put to another patient. What are the advantages of elektrotermometria? Along with thermometry using mercury thermometer use electric thermometer (with scientific research and mass surveys). Electrothermal allows you to record skin temperature in different areas. How to perform thermometry patient? Temperature control is usually carried out twice a day: in the morning (7-9 hours) and evening (16 - 18 hours). If necessary, the temperature is measured every 2-3 hours. The results of the measurements noted in the temperature sheet graphically, and with repeated measurement on a standard leaflet in history. Duration thermometry at least 10 minutes. If thermometry is held in the armpit, the last wipe dry, and only then give the patient the thermometer. The thermometer should be placed so that the mercury reservoir on all sides in contact with the body in the depth of the armpit, not moving during the measurement time. Between the thermometer and the body should not get linen. Weak patients, the nurse holding his hand during thermometry. When and how is the temperature measurement in the rectum? Very emaciated and weak patients can measure the temperature in the rectum. When measuring the temperature in the rectum greased with vaseline thermometer inserted into the rectum to half its length. The patient while lying on her side. Contraindications to this method is the delay of the stool, diarrhea, diseases of the colon. After rectal thermometry thermometer wash with warm soap and water and disinfected with 0.5% bleach or alcohol. What are the characteristics of thermometry in children? Children measure the temperature in the groin crease. For this leg of the child bend at the hip so that the thermometer was formed in the fold of skin..

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