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Travelers ' diarrhea

Travelers ' diarrheaTravelers ' diarrhea *194r*Cause of traveler's diarrhea is a change in the bacterial flora of the intestine. Our gastrointestinal tract is populated by a whole host of microbes. They are not only harmless to us, but also useful: assist in digestion. The difference in the composition and the ratio of these microbes have even the inhabitants, for example, Tula and Kazan. What can I say about distant countries. In the intestine every day gets a large number of microorganisms. Home microbes "their", we get accustomed to it. And in a new environment, a sudden change of intestinal flora can cause traveler's diarrhea. Diarrhea, or, in other words, diarrhea, waiting for us, primarily in underdeveloped, backward countries with low standards of hygiene. There many seek, already spoiled civilized leisure, Russian tourists. It is in these countries are most often found as intestinal, and all other infectious diseases. In developed countries, too many "contagion", but a high level of culture and strict sanitary standards to at least reduce the risk of disease. Because the symptoms are nearly identical diarrhea, and the consequences can be very different. Water from the tap, which we wash themselves, wash the dishes, fruits, vegetables, from which it is prepared ice cubes for drink is not suitable. We all know that is not boiled water should not be drunk. Boiling for several minutes will kill most microbes. - You can drink water only from sealed bottles of factory production, better produced in developed countries or companies. - Carbonated beverages in bottles safe, they contain carbon dioxide, and acidic environment kills all germs. - Alcoholic beverages are also safe, but you have to remember that adding alcohol to the water does not disinfect it. In areas above 2 kilometers above sea level the water should be boiled for more than 3 minutes. In other cases, one minute. To disinfect water without boiling it is enough to add 5 drops of iodine in 1 liter of water and wait 30 minutes, if the water is turbid and muddy - 10 drops. - The safety of the water treated by any household filters, not proven. However, it is better to use filters, than to drink fresh water from the tap. How to be with food. If water is more or less clear, is food. Standards of personal hygiene and health requirements cooks about the same in all civilized countries, and may not even be present in some wild island. Strongly affects bowel function not only flora, but also the daily diet. It is difficult and foolish to indulge in exotic food. But don't be surprised if after sprouted grains baobab with the sacred feet of the Egyptian toad, you will be disturbed digestion. The sudden change in diet can cause diarrhea traveler, but also to the exacerbation of gastritis, peptic ulcer, constipation, etc. - Be careful with milk and milk products. Well and microbes multiply rapidly, especially in warm humid climates. - Vegetables and fruits is advisable to eat or only in restaurants, or, if you dare to buy them on the market, to clean their skin, after washing in disinfected water. - Avoid raw foods of animal origin. Many animals and fish are simply toxic and require special handling and raw meat can contain a great variety of pathogenic microbes and eggs of worms. - Do not buy from street food vendors, especially in the markets. It is best to follow the advice of a civilized guide, not a local resident. And carefully read the travel advice on nutrition in your new country. - If you have a chronic gastro-intestinal tract, consult your doctor before travelling. Maybe you need to undergo treatment or to take medication. Get ready for your trip healthy and prepared. What to do if you get sick? First, we need to understand how serious the situation is. The appearance of liquid stools in the absence of other symptoms is not a cause for serious concern. You are helping yourself in any pharmacy Imodium for sale without a prescription - it is really effective. However, some doctors believe that the suppression of diarrhea means that microbes longer it will remain inside your body. Funds from diarrhoea can also interfere with the action rehydration fluids that you take. Cause nausea, vomiting, frequent diarrhea, fever, dry mouth, skin rash - may be signs of serious illness, life-threatening and require urgent appointment with the doctor. Do not self-medicate. Most likely, you will need a prescription and it must be done by the doctor.

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