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New test for alcohol you will be given hair

New test for alcohol you will be given hairSometimes it's interesting sometimes to read left to medical records, records of the patient - especially what comes to bad habits, such as drinking. The phrase "on holidays", you see, you may acquire a completely different meaning depending on the person's attitude to life. And phrases such as "drink moderately, binges are generally baffled. Often such data in the history recorded "for show", but in some cases it may be necessary to obtain an objective picture. And not only the doctor. Such information would like to have employers, insurance companies, police, finally. However, simply determining the amount of alcohol in the blood and urine can be done in only a few hours after eating, and then he just disappears from the body. There were other developments in this area, such as those associated with determining the level of liver enzymes. But this is only indirect signs that may lead to the wrong conclusion, if there is any intoxication. Even pregnancy in this case could lead to false positive results. However, it seems that such uncertainty will end soon. To date, developed and tested several variants of blood, urine and even hair, which can reveal the fact that drinking alcohol after weeks and months of sobriety. Several such methods, leaving behind far behind traditional tube traffic police, this week told the magazine New Scientist. The first method is based on the quantification of one of the derivatives, which are obtained from ethyl alcohol in the body. We are talking about the glucuronide, which accumulates in the blood as the organism appears alcohol. The feature of the metabolism of this substance is that, even after five days it is found in the urine. But even a week will not help to completely get rid of the evidence of alcohol consumption. The following method is also based on the tracking of one of the compounds formed in the body from ethanol. This is a phosphatidyl-ethanol. He remains in the blood for three weeks after drinking alcohol, and is a sign of abuse, as it begins to accumulate at a daily dose equivalent of three or more banks with beer. An even wider opportunity opens up method based on detection of ethyl esters four fatty acids. They are formed within 12-18 hours after drinking alcohol, but accumulate in the hair and can preserve evidence of drunkenness in a long time. "The only way to get rid of evidence is to shave off all my body hair," he assured Frederick Miles from the University of Basel in Switzerland, which has published the results of its work in the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism..

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