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"Hong Kong virus was a relative of the Guinea-pig

German researchers from Frankfurt University (Frankfurt University) identified the same virus in two patients with atypical pneumonia, the Associated Press reports. These patients were Singaporean doctor placed in infectious insulator after it was removed from flying from the US aircraft, and his mother-in-law. Possible dangerous pathogen infection belongs to the family of paramyxoviruses, which includes the viruses of measles, mumps and distemper dogs. Laboratories around the world are trying to find the same virus in the blood of the other infected to refute or confirm the hypothesis of the Germans. "It is too early to draw final conclusions. Dramatically changing the course of treatment of patients with this disease, you can only hurt," said one of the leaders who David Heymann Heymann. According to virologist from Transportnogo University Wolfgang Preiser (Wolfgang Preiser), studies were conducted using an electron microscope. This allowed us to determine what the family refers to the virus. For further study, the researchers sent the material to their Dutch colleagues engaged in the search for new paramyxoviruses. Preiser believes that at the moment sufficient reason to strike out from the list of possible causative agents of "severe acute respiratory syndrome virus of influenza. "We and other laboratories have tested the blood of patients on all known types of influenza virus. The results show that the flu is nothing to do with," said the Professor. Experts believe that the cause and means of dealing with it will be well-known doctors in a few weeks. Until that time, doctors can soothe only that the disease is not transmitted by airborne droplets. [Рњ].

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