Artificial spine breaks down the myths

Artificial spine breaks down the mythsDeveloped the first model of the human spine, which challenges our notions about the causes of back pain. Contrary to the idea that back injury is caused by the alternation of compression, bending, tension and other forces, three-dimensional animation model suggests that the main cause of injuries is rapid twisting of the spine, causing the connective tissue between the vertebrae to rotate. Nick Begley and Vladimir Ivancevic from the Organization of Science and Technology in Edinburgh (Australia) developed 18 months of a mathematical model, called a Full analogue of the Spine (FSS). A previously developed model of the spine was assessed forces aimed at a single connection or a simple combination of connections between the vertebrae, so allow us to estimate only a few degrees of freedom. But FSS represents all 25 of the movable joints of the spine, and allows six degrees of freedom. FSS also takes into account the presence of soft tissue, and simulates the path along which the body moves independently to stabilize during strong bending of the back or in response to an attack. In the human body, this movement is called or signals from the cerebellum to the cerebral level or spinal reflex level. "We see many opportunities to use this trainer, for example, when the crash tests," says Begley, but because in this system there is no nerve impulses from the brain, it is still not perfect.

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