AstromediaMedical astrology is the art to determine the person's illness and his predisposition to him on the horoscope. It is believed that the position of the stars during the birth indicates the possible diseases that can cause relative position of stars and planets. The strength of the magnetic fields of the Sun, moon and stars, passing through the body of the newborn, specify and define the location of electrons and protons in the atoms of the body, blood and bones for life. But you should beware of hasty diagnoses in partial reading astrological charts, as there are a huge number of variants of this location. One of the main goals of medical astrology is to prevent disease in those periods of a person's life, when his horoscope indicates that he is adverse to the cosmic impact. Solid principle of astrology - stars warn, but not forced. Читать полностью -->

Than to close the wound? Dressing materials in the clinic and at home

Than to close the wound? Dressing materials in the clinic and at homeThan to close the wound? Dressing materials in the clinic and at home *147r*When wound pouring blood, it should be stopped. In childhood many of us have used for this purpose, the leaf plantain: a good Poluneev, it was a breeze to bruised knee or a broken elbow. In the old days the household used a clean pieces of cloth. Today in every home medicine Cabinet features a bandage and cotton wool, and even a few species. Much about the Arsenal dressing devices that use modern surgeons, and can not speak. Dressings that are used for the treatment of wounds must have the ability to absorb the liquid and drain it from the bottom of the layers adjacent to the wound, at the top. Читать полностью -->

SES began the second round of combat Shawarma

SES began the second round of combat ShawarmaHealth services of Moscow began a re-examination of all the city's "fast foods". On Thursday at a press conference said the Chief state sanitary doctor of the Minsk Nikolai Filatov. The first inspection of sanitary inspection took place in the capital in April. Her results have been tested for nearly two thousand items of catering, 700 of them were closed, 40 percent of the changed range, and many of them were warned and regulations. As noted Filatov, "now all who will not comply with specified requirements, are closed permanently. The check will be held for three weeks, and, according to the Chief sanitary doctor of Moscow, the most attention inspectors will attract point selling Shawarma. Читать полностью -->

for the First time in Russia initiated a case against the sellers of counterfeit medicines

for the First time in Russia initiated a case against the sellers of counterfeit medicinesIn Russia for the first time initiated three criminal cases upon the sale of counterfeit drugs. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. In the course of verification activities undertaken by the Pharmaceutical Inspectorate of the RF Ministry of health, discovered the facts of the supply of counterfeit medicines organization LLC Remontoitavaan" were fake license. In this regard, the Ministry of health sent at the specified fact a letter to the Deputy Prosecutor General Vladimir Kolesnikov. Presnensky inter-district Prosecutor's office has been audited, the results of which criminal proceedings were instituted under Art. 171 of the criminal code - "illegal business". Читать полностью -->

Americans refuse artificial respiration

Americans refuse artificial respirationServices ambulance U.S. cease to give instructions on artificial respiration. We are talking about the recommendations that get called 911. Before the arrival of rescuers, these people should try to save the lives of victims. Often such calls come in, if someone on the street had a heart attack. In the case of cardiac arrest or acute heart failure, with each passing minute, the chances of survival decrease by 10 percent. Читать полностью -->

the Secret of the survival of male youth

 the Secret of the survival of male youthThese tips are addressed to men older than 50 years. First rule: don't panic, you better take care of yourself. If you quickly begin to feel muscle fatigue, if libido is markedly reduced, if you struggle to cope with illness and stress, if you have feelings of insecurity, frustration or depression, do not worry: you just went in the area of andropause. This syndrome, according to andrologists, is associated with reduced testosterone level which after 50 years is reduced by 1% per year. Is it possible to slow down this process? Experts gathered in Pisa at the V international Congress on Therapy in andrology, organized every four years by Professor Fabrizio Menchini Fabris, convinced that it is possible - but subject to a few Golden rules. Here they are. Читать полностью -->

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