The first flowers of spring can be life-threatening

The first flowers of spring can be life-threateningThe first flowers of spring can be life-threatening The first flowers of spring can be life-threatening. This warning is contained in the leaflets distributed in Moscow in the framework of "primrose" on suppression of smuggling of colors from the Caucasus and Crimea. This assertion is partly a scientific justification, as contained in the snowdrop substance galantamine, indeed, pose a threat to human health, said the Department of natural resources government of Moscow. In addition, so ecologists hope to reduce the demand for primroses, many of which are listed in the Red data books of Russia and Ukraine. Operation "primrose" is held in the capital since 1998. Thanks to her for five years, the number of imported capital of snowdrops, violets and crocuses decreased more than twice. Читать полностью -->

a method of preventing metastasis

a method of preventing metastasisA group of researchers from Cytoscope University, Japan, under the guidance of Professor Hajime Kubo has developed a way to prevent the production of cancer cells new infoprotocol. The research results were presented at the meeting of the Japan Association of oncologists in Fukuoka. Small cancer cells are transported through new lymphokines, forming a new lymph nodes. In the process produces a molecule that determines the factor vascular endothelial growth (VEGF-C), stimulating the growth of lymphatic vessels. Scientists were able to produce antibodies that block lipoprotei and not giving to produce molecules of VEGF-C. The researchers found that mice that were transplanted colon cancer cells without the appropriate antibodies, around the lymph nodes appeared lipoprotei, whereas in mice that were transplanted and antibodies, such practically did not occur. Читать полностью -->

Additional Q ECG - an unfavorable sign

Additional Q ECG - an unfavorable signThe researchers studied the diagnostic value of additional (new) teeth Q after acute coronary insufficiency in 10,501 patients. Of these, 9447 no additional teeth Q, 733 Q were the teeth of a 30 - to 40-MS and 321 Q = 40 MS or more. The mortality of patients in the next six months was significantly higher in patients with more teeth Q. the Most significant risk factor was the length of Q > 40 MS. Thus, the presence of additional teeth Q - adverse prognostic factor for patients undergoing acute coronary insufficiency. Megafarm. Читать полностью -->

High cholesterol can cause deafness

High cholesterol can cause deafnessExcessively high levels of cholesterol in the blood leads to an increase in its viscosity, thereby reducing the speed of advancement of blood in small vessels. This, in turn, causes insufficient blood supply to the inner ear. Some scholars suggest that this fact may be cause for the reduction of hearing in humans. To prevent sudden hearing loss, should be more attentive to consume fats. The most favorable are vegetable fats.. . Читать полностью -->

Lack of vitamins deprives intelligence

Lack of vitamins deprives intelligenceLack of vitamins deprives intelligence Insufficient intake of one of the B vitamins dramatically increases the likelihood of developing senile dementia. This conclusion was made by American scientists, who for several years was watching a large group of older people and analysed the amount of vitamin that they get from food. Even a small deficit was sharply increased the risk of Alzheimer's disease. This study was conducted under the direction of Dr. Martha Clare Morris (Martha Clare Morris of Chicago medical center rush-Presbyterian-Saint-Lux". The authors of the study cautioned that the results are preliminary. Читать полностью -->

Endocrinologist Udovichenko Oleg Viktorovich

Endocrinologist Udovichenko Oleg ViktorovichEndocrinologist Udovichenko Oleg Viktorovich He graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy (Faculty research training) in 1996 Now enrolled in the clinical residency Endocrinology Research center of the Russian Academy of medical Sciences in Moscow). Additional areas of interest: States of emergency medicine, telemedicine, problems of quality control of scientific research.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

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