Scientists create artificial life

Scientists create artificial lifeScientists create artificial life Scientists, who genetic code of a person deal with the creation of an artificial organism. They will attempt to synthesize only the most necessary for the existence of genes primitive bacteria in the laboratory and to replace natural genetic make-up. The ultimate goal will be the microorganisms that will help to create a clean fuel and clean atmosphere. The study was started in 1995, when scientists from the Institute of genome research, decided to find out what is the minimal set of genes necessary for the existence of primitive microorganism is one of the species of Mycoplasma. If under normal conditions the DNA of Mycoplasma genitalium contains 517 genes, their minimum number has been set at the level of 265-300. A grant in the amount of three million dollars from the U.S. Читать полностью -->

Doctors removed the internal organs of a living patient

Doctors removed the internal organs of a living patientThe investigator from Colorado says that the doctors in two local hospitals have removed the internal organs of the patient, not making sure that his brain is dead. In this regard, physicians hospitals towns monros and Grand junction filed murder by negligence. According to the investigator, who is not named, the autopsy revealed that one patient died from the extraction of donor organs. However, the investigator not inclined to believe this is a deliberate act of murder. According to him, doctors are not convinced that the brain of the patient, vystreleneho himself in the head, could still work. According to the investigator, now you need to understand how to carry out the procedure of removal of organs, as it turned out that a certain standard no. Читать полностью -->

Drug birch suppresses the development of the AIDS virus

Drug birch suppresses the development of the AIDS virusScientists from the Institute of organic chemistry of Ufa scientific centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the laboratory of retrovirus Institute of molecular biology, Koltsovo, created a new drug that inhibits the growth of human immunodeficiency virus and accelerates healing of wounds and burns. To do this, they modified is contained in the bark of birch trees substance betulin, possessing biological activity. Exploring the pharmacological properties of a new drug, the scientists compared it with the effect of traditional medicines. It turned out that dinicotinate betulin protects the mucous membrane of the stomach from ulcers not worse known drug Venter and reduces the area of existing ulcers. Like ortofen, it delays the development of inflammatory edema. One percent ointment, made from the drug, on the 10th day of treatment to reduce the area of thermal burn by 42%, whereas in animals treated with ointment methyluracil, the area of RAS decreased only by 20%. Читать полностью -->

Ulcer of the small intestine simple

Ulcer of the small intestine simpleULCER of the small INTESTINE SIMPLE (nonspecific idiopathic, chronic, trophic, round and so on) Primary ulcer of small intestine is a rare disease characterized by the appearance of one or multiple ulcerations mainly in the ileum, resembling the morphology of peptic ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Occurs predominantly in men. Etiology and pathogenesis are unknown. Predisposing factors are local vascular disorders, increased trypticase activity of pancreatic juice, prolonged use of certain drugs (prednisolone, potassium salts and others). Symptoms manoharachary and the diagnosis is often established during the operation in case of complications (perforation, intestinal bleeding). Sometimes there is pain in epigastrium or right iliac area, occurring 3-4 hours after eating, local tenderness in this area and the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall palpation. Читать полностью -->

Doctors will cut the girl extra leg

Doctors will cut the girl extra legTo unusual transactions are preparing physicians in one of Beijing hospitals. They plan to remove the "extra" third leg girl who I spent a year with this congenital anomaly. Chinese surgeons told that the complexity of the operation can be compared with the separation of conjoined twins. Police found the child abandoned on the street, in March. She was transferred to the social security authorities. Now a girl will do the Dongzhimen hospital physicians. Читать полностью -->


IrrigationIrrigation is a method of treating the skin or the mucous membrane of the drug or disinfectant substances. Is used for inflammatory diseases of different etiology. Widely used for disease of the oral cavity. How is the procedure of irrigation? Produce with mugs esmarkha, Janet's syringe or a rubber pear. The chest of the patient covered with oilcloth, give him a half-sitting position, in his hands he holds a kidney-shaped tray that brings to the chin for draining wash liquid. Nurse, pulling the spatula turn left, then right cheek, enters the tip and irrigates the mouth with furatsilina (or other drug). Читать полностью -->

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