The defibrillator Primedic DM-

The defibrillator Primedic DM-Built-in battery, external defibrillation, EL-monitor, 3/6 channel ECG, printing 1/3 of the channel. Manufacturer: Spiraled Country: Russia City: Moscow Price: Euro 7250.0 The field of medicine: Anesthesia and resuscitation equipment Description: Defibrillators PRIMEDIC quick When the self test is constantly checked -unit high-voltage -charging period -precision power level -battery status Icons and zamorozhennyy process program provides reliable manual control Automatic functions protect from improper management Diagnosis within seconds and error-free service All connectors are protected by the hull shape The weight of the defibrillator, including spoon electrodes and the battery does not exceed 8,5 kg Shock plastic case protects the instrument in extreme conditions Exceptional instrument for reliability in medicine Worldwide proven more than 10,000 devices. Along with all the benefits defibrillator ECO-1 is equipped with the latest EL display device. The combination of high contrast for optimal readability. Convincing advantages: High contrast large LCD monitor Optimum readability from any angle of view (viewing angle - 170 degrees.) 6-channel electrocardiogram, 1/3 channel print electrocardiogram. Specifications: Mode synchronous or asynchronous, external defibrillate Energy levels 2, 5, 7, 10, 20, 50,100, 160, 200, 250, 360 j (50 Ohm) The number of digits 70 discharges at 360 joules The charging time is 5 seconds to 360 joules Electrodes built-in adults and children The monitor 100 Г— 80 mm, diagonal - 125 mm with a resolution of 320x240 pixels Output reflection: sensitivity, signal systole, heart rate, lead, boundary values Thermal printer 1/3 channel, 8-bit, the speed is 25.50 mm/s width, paper 57 mm Power 100-120 V 50/60 Hz 200-240 V 50/60 Hz 12/24 (car battery) Battery 14.4V B/l,4A.4/NiCd Dimensions HH cm Weight 8.5 kg Security 11 STI BF, group 1 (ES 601) Conditions of operation 0... Читать полностью -->

Number of mental diseases in Russia is growing every year

Number of mental diseases in Russia is growing every yearRussian doctors are sounding the alarm: the number of mental disorders in the country is growing from year to year, the hope is for the Federal program of aid to the population, said the official representative of the Institute.Serbian Anna Sennikova. "The increase of patients over the last decade amounted to 41.5 percent," she said on the eve of celebrating on Friday the world mental health day. - In Russia, for every 100 thousand inhabitants 2.5 thousand mentally ill. Teenagers also get sick more often - 3.8 thousand people per 100 thousand population," according to ITAR-TASS. This is facilitated by information overload, comfortablest rapidly changing life conditions, political and economic situation in the country. As previously said the head of the clinical Department of the Moscow research Institute of psychiatry of the Russian Ministry of health Professor Yuri Polishchuk, especially in the spring increases the number of suicides. Читать полностью -->


MononeuropathyMONONEUROPATHY (neuritis and neuralgia) - isolated lesions of individual nerve trunks. Etiology. The basis of the disease is a direct trauma, compression of the nerve trunk. Predisposing factors are the surface location of the nerve to the bone or its passage in the channels formed by the bone-ligament and muscle elements. In such anatomical conditions of the relevant sections of the nerve trunks are particularly sensitive to chronic occupational or sports injury, compression of the limb during deep sleep and so on (tunnel, or trapping, syndromes). With atherosclerosis, diabetes, polyarteritis-nodosa of mononeuropathy caused by ischemia (ischemic neuropathy). Читать полностью -->

Today is world health day

Today is world health day"Healthy environments for children - the key to the future life" is the motto will be celebrating world health day. In all Russian schools will be various activities at the choice of students and teachers. The education Ministry said that the decision of the Ministry of health, physical culture and sports and the Ministry of education on April 7 announced the all-Russian day of children's health. Task health day in each individual school can different: raising children to regular exercise, the use of opportunities across the curriculum in the formation of a healthy lifestyle, inclusion in sports not only children but also parents. Currently in Russia not more than 10% of children are completely healthy, said the health Ministry of the Russian Federation. The incidence of as in newborns and adolescents, increasing annually by 5%, almost 60% of young Russians are identified chronic diseases. Читать полностью -->

Irish scientists are going to treat pneumonia worms

Irish scientists are going to treat pneumonia wormsAccording to the study published in The Journal of Experimental Medicine, larvae of the worms contain substances that can be invaluable in the treatment of acute diseases of an inflammatory nature. The staff of Dublin city University have managed to find a powerful anti-inflammatory effect secret secreted by the larvae of Schistosoma Manson (Schistosoma mansoni) - parasite slaying vessels of the abdominal cavity of humans and monkeys. According to the project leader Dr. Patrick Fallon received his group results open a new era in the fight against acute inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Shistosoma Manson affected more than 250 million people in countries of the tropical belt. According to Irish researchers, infection shistosoma increases the resistance of the human body to diseases of allergic origin. Читать полностью -->

From diet puput

 From diet puputThe fact that a strict diet is not too good influence on health has long been known. But, it turns out, they are still... puput. Such conclusions were made by English psychologists who tested 60 women on attention, memory and reaction speed. The first experiment was conducted after the woman a couple of weeks sat on a strict diet, and the second after they within a few days of eating everything that I want. So here are the results of testing on an empty stomach with absolutely everyone appeared to be about 30% worse than after a normal power supply. Читать полностью -->

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