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Preoperative preparation of patients with diabetes mellitus

Preoperative preparation of patients with diabetes mellitusWhen a small surgical interventions in patients with compensated forms of the disease need to modify the usual mode of treatment, as a rule, no. When decompensation before operation it is necessary to correct the metabolic processes and to adjust insulin. When preparing for elective surgery of a large volume is necessary to achieve complete compensation of diabetes. On the day of surgery patients compensated forms of the disease should be entered only half the required dose of insulin. Patients receiving oral antidiabetic drugs (except those who have a small operation), to be translated into treatment with insulin. Oral drugs newly appointed after the healing of surgical wounds. Читать полностью -->

Anti-aging diet

Anti-aging dietAnti-aging diet Youth and beauty women depend not only on the ability to correctly select cosmetics or skillfully apply makeup. The main condition for appeal is proper nutrition. If You look tired, if you feel older than his years, then your diet should almost always be some of the gifts of nature, to replenish the supply of energy and stimulate metabolism. Nuts are rich in vitamins that strengthen the nervous system, stimulates mental activity, eliminate irritability and promote concentration. Also found in nuts vegetable fats and proteins in contrast to the same connection animal is better absorbed by the body, do not require this high energy costs and do not contain many harmful substances, available, for example, in meat. Garlic strengthens the immune system and contains volatile - substances antimicrobial activity. Читать полностью -->

Cloned meat you can eat, but gently?

Cloned meat you can eat, but gently?The U.S. government intends to allow the free sale of meat and milk derived from cloned animals. This was reported by representatives of the U.S. office for drug and food administration (FDA). The question about the possible use of cloning technology in the food industry was raised a long time ago, but only now the development of genetic engineering has reached a stage that cloning has become economically viable. Accordingly, questions arose about the safety of "cloned" food for the human body, which had to meet the U.S. Читать полностью -->

Mobile communication saves you from stress

Mobile communication saves you from stressInformation technology and mobile communication, reduce stress at work, say experts from the company Continental Research. In a survey conducted in the UK, included 300 respondents, among them employees of the companies of the sector medium business decision makers on issues related to information technology. The majority of respondents noted that information technology helps keep nerves at work and to protect yourself from stress. At the same time, in different branches of it are different, experts say the company Continental Research. In companies engaged in the production, with a positive impact of information technology on the nerves, agree two-thirds of respondents. In the financial sector as 81% of respondents noted that a large number of communication technologies, makes them more tense because they have to constantly be distracted from the primary task, filtering out all the spam in your Inbox and trying to ignore the so-called "unprovoked calls - telephone advertising. Читать полностью -->

France is the most healthy country of the European community

France is the most healthy country of the European communityFrance is the most healthy country of the European community The world health organization has recognized France's healthiest country in the European community. Despite the fact that many French people die from cancer and other serious diseases, life expectancy in France is 75 years for men and 83 for women. According to the French Ministry of health, the largest health problem in the country is the high level of mortality from cancer and cardiovascular disease. The country is rapidly growing percentage of people are overweight, increases the number of smokers (more than 80% of all cancer is lung cancer). Despite this, the overall life expectancy is increasing. Figuratively speaking, if people lived to be 65 years old and died from the disease, he will probably live another 15-20 years. Читать полностью -->

Artificial tan is as dangerous as natural

Artificial tan is as dangerous as naturalIn the course of the research group of scientists from Sweden, Norway and Australia came to the conclusion that artificial tanning also may have cancer of the skin, as natural. Statistical analysis of information about the lifestyle and health 106 thousand of Norway and Sweden the average age showed that the habit at least once a month to visit the Solarium doubles the likelihood of melanoma. Article on research results appeared in published October 15 issue of the journal of the National Cancer Institute. Radio Liberty. . . Читать полностью -->

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